The Martian by Andy Weir

What an amazing book!  Anytime I read a review that says “It’s a must read”, “I couldn’t put it down”, or “Thrilling from beginning to end”, I immediately think the marketing group has done a great job of beating the bushes to find any reviewer that liked it, or that they wrote the praise themselves.  There is no need for anyone to beg for praise for this book.  It is absolutely stunning.  I was hooked right from the first page and plowed through the book faster than any book in my recent memory.

Andy has managed to weave a story that pulls you in and keeps you in the story, fully immersed in the day to day, or “sol to sol” as is used in the book, activities of the main character Mark Watney.

Science Fact, not science fiction.

MacGyver meets Chris Hadfield.