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Work Intelligently

A critique of a Demotivational poster

I love this critique. 

When you first look at this poster you think “Yes, that guy IS smarter than the others!”, but then everything the responder says is true. 

Knowing the goal and why we are trying to get there is the most important part of any job. Getting to the finish line fast, or easiest, is not always the way that is the best for the long term. There is no shortcut to learning the piano, no way to become an expert in any field without actually putting in the effort. 

To me, the author of the critique is the real one that is working intelligently. 

A new type of motivational poster

Happy Melly Exploration Day!

Very happy to be involved with this program.  I will be co-MC’ing the event with Jeff Kosciejew!  We promise there will be MAGIC!




Get your tickets here:


Everyone has a different perspective


The importance of training

Muhammad Ali

I need to get some of these to hand out


Business role definitions

Business Role definitions

Asking Questions

Asking Questions

Two rules for success


We have all had days at work like this. Even just days. Sometimes weeks…


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