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We have all had days at work like this. Even just days. Sometimes weeks…



Interesting how we don’t advertise for them this way anymore.


Dilbert and Management Style

Dilbert and management style


I feel this way all the time

I feel this way all the time

Honesty is a weakness

Especially in job interviews.

Honesty is a weakness

Geek is Awesome – By Wil Wheaton

Geek is awesome by Wil Wheaton

This would be the wrong outcome of Agile



While I did my MBA this was definitely one of the outcomes.  However, working on an agile team has changed this. You have to trust your team. You quickly learn that everyone is professional and trying their best to do the job.

group projects

Performance reviews

This may be a little too relevant for some of you…


I’m going to have to start having more opinions


This is waaay too relevant.


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