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Happy Melly Exploration Day!

Very happy to be involved with this program.  I will be co-MC’ing the event with Jeff Kosciejew!  We promise there will be MAGIC!




Get your tickets here:


Master versus beginner

Master versus Beginner

Oh how I wish I was related


Elliott Electronic Computer, delivered in 1950.

We now regularly carry more power in our pocket, and some people on their wrist, than this entire computer.

having your computer delivered in 1950

You need to learn this in order to grow professionally, as well as personally.




We need this here in Canada

Traffic Lights in Germany

Geek is Awesome – By Wil Wheaton

Geek is awesome by Wil Wheaton

Tip calculator scam

This is incredible.  I always manually calculate the tip, I’ve never trusted the machines to do the calculation.  What number are they calculating on, the pre-tax or the taxed amount.


Tip Calculator Scam

Boss versus leader



Boss vs leader


This is VERY true.

Agile from the eyes of a 20 year PMP veteran

My world has changed, for the better.  When I first was introduced to Agile it was just a buzzword at a large company. “We need to be more agile. We need to set up agile teams.” Okay, sounds easy. Let me put together a project plan for that. It turns out that we were just paying lip service to an idea that someone told the CIO about. When we had to actually do agile, there was no support, no plan, no idea of what we were supposed to be doing. I had a team of 6 developers working on web projects that reported to me.  A great opportunity to actual put an agile team in place, however were told to “Keep Calm and Carry On”


Fast forward a year and I’m now part of an agile company and working closely with an agile team. There are many differences, all of which take some getting used to.

Over the next several posts I will examine some of the major differences:

  • Leading from behind
  • Where does the work of the PM go?
  • No Project Plans
  • “Meeting Hell” removed
  • Visible, daily updated progress
  • “Requirements? We don’t need no stinking requirements!” (with all apologies to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre)
  • Weekly/Monthly Status reports: guessing versus actual metrics
  • A reason to invest in 3M -> Post-it notes everywhere

The thousands of dollars spent on attaining my PMP are not necessarily wasted, but they are diminishing in value for my future.  Sure I can still talk the talk, but I no longer want to walk the walk.  In the words of Pumbaa from the Lion King “You’ve got to put your behind in your past”, basically it is time to move forward with something that is better, stronger and faster in delivering results.


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