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How does Facebook push?

Good article over at on Release Engineering at Facebook.  Must say that right now I understood about half of what they are talking about, but it is amazingly impressive.  10k commits per month is amazing.

A lot of businesses need to understand that “Tools alone won’t save you… You need the right company with support from the top all the way down.”.  This takes time, patience and some help.  I’m really glad I joined Architech because this is the type of help that we provide companies.

“The main point is that you cannot tool your way out of this. The people coming on board have to be brainwashed so they buy into the cultural part.”
This is fantastic summary about how an organization lives and breaths the process.


Facebook ‘couple pages’ – ugggh

So who really needs this? In case you haven’t heard yet, Facebook has launched ‘couple pages’ where “the couple’s page skims off a photo of the happy pair together as the profile picture, lists all events that the two have mutually attended and the Likes that they have in common. It shows all photos that both are tagged in and lists wall posts that each have put on the other’s wall.”.  This might be a good idea for tweens or teens, but for everyone else… who has the time?  I rarely spend ANY time on Facebook, I’m sure as not going to spend any time on a friend’s “couple” page.  Hopefully this dies a quick and painful death. (Register Story)



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