The Montreal Gazette has an article that states that the CRTC received only 75 complaints about ISP’s throttling service to customers.  I think this number is an order of magnitude less than the actual numbers.

I know my ISP throttles service to me, especially when I start up torrent software.  My bandwidth drops through the floor when I activate the software, and yes I know how to manage how much of my available bandwidth goes to that software.  I actually can not do anything else on the internet when I have only one torrent downloading.

But, have I complained to the CRTC about it? No.  I think a lot of people are doing more voting with their wallet, as I plan on doing, by simply moving their service to another company.  But I believe that even more people just put up with it/are not technical enough to understand what is happening.

I strongly recommend using to determine what you are actually getting versus what the ISP is claiming you should bet getting.  Try it at several different times throughout the day to determine if there is an issue with just overall internet congestion or if the problem is localized to you.