It feels good. I no longer have Rogers cable, Rogers Home Phone and Rogers Internet. I turfed them out. Years of rising costs, terrible customer service and pathetic actual service and I have voted with my money but saying goodbye to them.

The first week has been great. I was able to watch the season finale of Amazing Race Canada using over the air broadcast, and everything else my family watched was over Netflix. Only once have we had a ‘buffering’ status on Netflix, whereas it was virtually unwatchable on Rogers.

We moved our home phone over to TekSavvy, as well as our internet, and are delighted to be paying a third of what we were before. Yes it is a pain to change your phone number, but not worth $40 more per month to do so.

Our internet service on TekSavvy still goes over the Rogers lines, a fact that was expressed numerous times when I was cancelling my Rogers service.  The representative was trying to use the fact that I was disgusted with the obvious throttling of Netflix that Rogers does as a reason to stay, stating “Well TekSavvy uses Rogers’ backbone so you will get the same performance”.  Possibly, but at least I won’t be paying as much and be paying Rogers.  I can only hope that TekSavvy does not allow Rogers to use DPI to check the content of what their subscribers are doing and then throttle the individual consumers that are watching Netflix.

I will keep you updated with my SpeedTest findings and how my family is coping.